What an incredible journey you've been on.

And it's not even over.


Horses are a journey that lasts a lifetime, but those challenges have led you to where you are now.


You deserve to celebrate how far you have come, the partnership you have with your horse, the blood, sweat, tears, and the times you've felt like it would never come together. 


I know what it’s like to be forged in the fire - I’ve been there with my horse Arthur. And I’m still growing.


Every step of the journey paves the way for the one after it.


I don't believe there is ever a perfect moment or milestone to capture your story. We never know what life will bring, or what is waiting just around the corner. Celebrate every moment with your horse, not just the big ones. 


I want to turn an ordinary day with your horse into something extraordinary; 

where you can’t even remember you’re in front of a camera because you are lost in the moment with your horse. I offer you an unforgettable experience where your journey, your connection, your love, are immortalised to be treasured forevermore.


If you want that too, then let’s chat about how I can tell your story.


Lexi xx


The signature Half Steps Photography experience. Capture you and your horse's connection in stunning, heart-warming, sun-soaked and naturally-lit photographs which you can treasure forevermore. Prepare to lose yourself in a fun session of laughs, pats and bear hugs as you enjoy an unforgettable experience where you sit back, absorb all you've achieved, and just be with your horse. There'll be a horse-mad lady with a camera there, but trust me; you've already forgotten about her.



You own the most beautiful horse in the world.


Now it's time to allow everyone else a glimpse into how they look in your eyes.

Edited by hand, these images highlight your horse's every detail, capturing their magnetism as a timeless work of art. Whether you want to create digital keepsakes, custom pieces of of wall-art or a coffee table album you'll never want to rotate, this session is perfect for you.

Don't think you have the right location for a portable studio? You'll be surprised.


You and I both know that there is so much more to a competition than your short time in the ring! That is why I offer my event photography services to private clients, where you get a dedicated paparazzi to photographing you and your horse in the quiet moments, as well as your warm-up and performance.

Sunny BBG Dining Roomjpg.jpg


Offering a range of archival quality products with a minimum 30 year guarantee, you can have a home which speaks to your identity as a horse lover and makes your friends and family go "WOW!" every time they walk into a room.


Whether you need to capture equestrian sport, sell a horse or promote your business or products, get in touch to customise a session for you.



I’m Lexi, the face behind the camera at Half Steps Photography, seen here with my heart horse, Arthur.

I’ve been blessed to photograph so many horses and their humans in the Hills, Hawkesbury, and beyond. I love hearing your stories, having new muzzles to kiss, getting to know every quirk your horse has.  I love seeing every horse, every time turn up and show off for their rider to give them the session of their dreams. Most of all, I love gaining friends I can genuinely cheer on as they continue on their journey.

Equine Fine Art Sydney photography

kind words



You deserve the best experience.

That's why I want to make sure I am the right fit for you.

My sessions are curated for horse lovers seeking the ultimate experience. I don’t take photographs of people which happen to include a horse. I capture photos of horse lovers with their horse; pictures which flatter both of you, full of genuine and heartwarming interactions, eye contact, and more pats and bear hugs than you can count.

Does this sound like the experience for you?


I would love to hear more about your story.

Complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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“This was my first time having a photoshoot done with my horse, and I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Lexi was prompt, professional and clearly comfortable and familiar with horses. My horse is notoriously bad for photos, but her impressive bag of tricks and commitment to getting some amazing shots made all the difference. At no point did I feel like I would be put in a position that I felt unsafe or uncomfortable and Lexi was respectful of my wishes and determined to get the best out of my horse. She did a great job in less than ideal circumstances and absolutely made the most of the time we had to work together. I highly recommend Lexi's services for anyone who wants to capture some special memories with their horse!”




I was initially anxious about what to expect [but] the pre session information package put a lot of those anxieties aside. Add to that, Lexi's easy going nature put me at ease on the day. My favourite part was watching how much my horses were relaxed and rose to the occasion by posing like professionals.


[Half Steps Photography] is the complete package. [Lexi's] professional, kind, easy going and relaxed approach makes the whole experience seamless. Definitely worth it just for the experience, ending in lifelong memories.



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